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How long does a Pod last?

One Pod provides flavour for at least 5 litres of water! Since our flavours come from fruits, plants, and spices, it goes wi...

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My Pod is activated, but I still can't taste it. Why?

This can have various causes. Please check the following steps first: 1. Check that you have assembled your bottle as shown ...

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My bottle is leaking - why?

You may not have closed the lid tightly enough. Without the cap, your bottle will lose a little water when you tip it. This i...

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How do I clean the bottle?

Simply clean by hand with lukewarm water. When we develop our products, we make sure they’re built to last. However, this is ...

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Do I really drink only water?

Yes, you really do drink 99.99% pure water. Of course, we were also fascinated by this idea in the beginning. This is why we ...

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