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Can I only use still water, or does it also work with sparkling one?

Of course. Both are possible! You can fill our bottles with either still or sparkling water. If you have access to good drink...

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How do I clean the bottle?

Simply clean by hand with lukewarm water. When we develop our products, we make sure they’re built to last. However, this is ...

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What material is the bottle made of?

Our bottles are made of BPA-free Tritan. Tritan is a commercially available plastic that is used to make drinking bottles all...

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What exactly is in the pod?

The replaceable Pods contain only natural aromas, which are applied to an air-permeable carrier material. We have developed ...

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How long does a Pod last?

One Pod provides flavour for at least 5 litres of water! Since our flavours come from fruits, plants, and spices, it goes wi...

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What is the best way to store the Pods?

It is best to leave the Pods deactivated on the mouthpiece or in the airtight Pod pack. The beauty is that active consumption...

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Are the ingredients in the pods vegan?

Yes! Our ingredients are suitable for a vegan diet, according to the definition of the European Vegetarian Union.

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How can I dispose of the Pods in an environmentally friendly way?

Off into the recycling bin! Every Pod can be easily disposed of in a recycle bin.

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